Financial assistance following a bereavement


A bereavement may leave dependants in short- or long-term financial need. There are certain once-off payments in Ireland (provided by the Department of Social Protection) that are available to help out families during this difficult time.

You must fulfil certain PRSI requirements to be eligible for some of the payments. You may be eligible for other payments if you pass a means test or if you are in urgent need no matter what your means. If you have long-term needs, you may qualify for short- or long-term social welfare payments or for Rent Supplements

Rent or mortgage payments

If you have difficulty in paying your rent, you may be eligible for Rent Supplement. Our document on Mortgage Protection provides information on insurance that is designed to pay off your mortgage in full.

Short- or long-term social welfare payment

You may also be eligible for continued payment of the deceased's social welfare payment after his/her death or for a longer term social welfare pension, allowance or payment.

Further information

There is more information in our document on benefits and entitlements following a death.

Information for those affected by bereavement is a publication produced by the Citizens Information Board. The booklet has been specially written to assist those following a bereavement. It includes information on managing your money and dealing with finanancial difficulties, dealing with the deceased's debts, dormant bank accounts, legal matters, inheritance, wills, etc. This booklet is also available from your nearest Citizen Information Centre.

Where to apply

Contact your local Social Welfare Office for assistance and advice.
Page edited: 23 January 2014